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Solid Motorsports Marine

Custom Paint Jobs

Your boat can look like this -- or any way you'd like! Click the image to learn more about our custom paint jobs service!
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Wakeboard Tower Installation

Ready to go skiing? Not if you don't have a wakeboard tower installed, you aren't! Solid Motorsports installs wakeboard towers so you, your friends and family can go water skiing whenever you wish!
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Boat/Marine Repair

No matter what kind of repair you need on your boat, jet-ski or other marine craft, we'll do a great job for you at a great price! Click the image for more information on our marine repair services!
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Fiberglass Pool Repair

We do fiberglass pool repair, water park implement repair and painting, fiberglass fabrication and water slide repair and painting! And, we're one of the few companies in Texas and Oklahoma to offer this service! Click the pool to learn more!
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Power Wash Service

Nothing makes a boat or sea-doo look better than a good power wash! Solid Motorsports will make your watercraft look great!
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Boat Trailer Repairs

We can fix any boat trailer in any condition so that it functions like new! Click the image to learn more about our custom paint jobs service!
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Water Slide Repair and Water Park Feature Repair

Water slide repair and water park feature repair are two services offered expertly by Solid Motorsports Marine! Service available anywhere in the U.S.! Click the water slide image to learn more!
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Boat Restoration

Why buy a new boat when you can restore your old one to like new for less than half the price? Click the restored Baja for more information!
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'If it floats, we can repair it inside and out! Hands down, this is your one-stop shop for ANY marine repairs. No matter the size of the vessel, whether it's 8 feet or 80 feet, we handle it all. From appearance to structural integrity, to upholstery, engine and drivetrain, sound systems, and beyond.'
Steve Hignight, owner, Solid Motorsports

If you need marine repair done in the north Texas area, Solid Motorsports of Sherman has the experts to get it done right and at a fair price!

We can paint, restore, design, custom paint, repair collisions, dents, dings, do graphics, gel-coat, just about any kind of boat, Sea-doo or jet ski.

Fiberglass repair, gel coat repairs and painting, custom paint and graphics, restorations, detailing, pinstriping, mechanical work and repair, mobile repairs, upholstery, customizing, carpet, non-skid, winterizing, summerizing, wetsanding/polish/buffing, bottom paint/anti-foul paint, air brushing, fiberglass pool repair, window tinting, custom stereos, trailer sandblasting and re-painting, transoms, floors, stringers, motor mounts, fuel/gas tanks, hand waxing, PWC repairs – Solid Motorsports handles it all with skill, experience, and the same passion for your marine vessel that you have.

You name it, WE can get it done.

In business since 2004, owner Steve Hignight started working in the paint and body business as a student in high school. He is a graduate of Wyoming-Technical Institute, and he and his staff have a wealth of knowledge about marine repair stemming from his passion for all things engine-driven.

Solid Motorsports is the top repair and custom design and detail shop for boats and all marine vessels in the entire North Texas region. People travel hundreds of miles to have Solid Motorsports work on their marine craft. Many come from the Dallas area and even as far away as Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and beyond.